The Therma-Whelp™ System includes:

Therma-Whelp™ Warming System

Therma-Whelp™ Warming System


Therma-Whelp™ Incubators. You’ll want the Small size for whelping boxes under 44″x44″ or the Large size for whelping boxes over 44″x44″.

Therma-Whelp Instructions:

  • Therma-Whelp System:PDF
  • Lamp Clamp:PDF
  • Temperature Strip:PDF
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The Therma-Whelp™ System includes:

(Items may be purchased separately @ 1-800-998-3331)

  • Therma-Whelp™ Cradle
  • 250w Ceramic Heat Emitter (Non-Light Emitting)
  • Stand (Adjustable, Sturdy, and Strong)
  • Heat Fixture (250w Porcelain with Aluminum Bell and Full Cage)
  • Therma-Whelp™ Thermometer

Deluxe Therma-Whelp™ Systemadds extention arm, extra emitter & 2 extra thermometers.

**The stainless steel Extention Arm allows you to raise the Heat Emitter up an additional 12″ inches. This is very useful for weaning the puppies from the heat, large dogs & warmer whelping areas. .

How It Works

The heat Lamp is positioned above the warming Cradle.

Heat is emitted by the Lamp and directed toward the Cradle.

The Cradle absorbs, distributes and emits heat across its surface.

Puppies on the Cradle absorb heat from the Lamp, Cradle, and surrounding air (as shown).

To ensure absolute safety for your puppies & you, set-up instructions must be followed exactly.